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Author Donna Howard Armstrong hails from Houston, Texas by way of Huntington Miami Beach and Columbus, Ohio  It's not unusual to see her composing stories on her laptop accompanied by her little white Maltese, Sukie sitting beside her waiting to play or go outside for a walk in the garden.  She spent most of her adult years in a career she loved, assisting families with their dream of home ownership in the new home business, which is a booming business in Texas.  After retiring from the building industry she turned her interest towards her love of murder and crime mystery's.  She then had the time to develop her love of writing.  One of her favorite pastimes is watching classic murder mysteries of Agatha Christie.  She decided to create a murder mystery of her own and take the reader on a journey of intrigue and suspense.  She invites you to enjoy her story of "Murder at 221 Beacon Hill, a modern day thriller.